Notes from Spain
Travel, living, and working in Spain
If you would like to ride from the Basque country all the way down to the depths of Andalusia, then guess what, you're invited! See for more details.
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This week we talk to Jonathon and Rosie, who set up Kaliyoga, a holistic yoga and detox center in the Alpujarra mountains south of Granada. See for more details.
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Ben and Marina take a trip to the wonderful Alpujarra mountains south of Granada. See for photos and links.
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Lessons learned living in Spain... and questions for you: What did you last learn? What was the motivation? What did it lead to? See to comment!
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Retro-casting from our terrace, Ben talks about honesty in bars, gypsies, nickers factories, and the future of tourism in Spain. See for show notes and to comment.
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Ben and Marina head up to Abadia Retuerta for a day sipping wine and exploring the wine-making process. See for photos!
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Ben and Marina check out the famous flowery patios competition held every May in Cordoba. See for photos and further details.
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Ben and Marina chat to Jamie about a great way of spending a few months in Madrid. See for more details.
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One of the greatest fiestas in Spain: fino, horses, and great people watching down in Jerez. Pop over to to see all the photos and a short video!
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Notes from Cadiz: faded glory just as it should be. See for more details.
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Ben and Marina head down to Valenica for Las Fallas fiestas, and chat to one of the locals before heading off to the most extraordinary Paella cooking events ever seen in Spain! See for photos and video.
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Ben and Marina talk to Scott and Sheryl who gave up everything for a year on the road, and have just spent two months in Andalusia.

See and for details.
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Richard Morely explains to Ben and Marina how he spends his holidays taunting the Spanish! See for full details...
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Every year on January 17th, people bring their pets to be blessed on the Calle Hortaleza in Madrid. See for details.
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