Notes from Spain
Travel, living, and working in Spain
Las Rias Baixas - see for details and to comment
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Santiago de Compostela. See for details and to comment.
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The first podcast from our Galicia trip. See for details and to comment.
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Live from Madrid's Plaza Mayor, at the beginning of the Christmas fair. A look at the cultural delights ahead in the festive season. See for details and to comment.
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On the anniversary of Franco's death, we take a walk in the woods near his place of rest. See for details and to comment.
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Sitting by the river in El Pardo, discussing more culture-clash aspects of life and death in Spain. Plus a request for video-casting inspiration... What would you want to see on a video cast of Spain? See for details and to comment.
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Live from Real Madrid's Santiago Bernabeu Stadium - this one is a classic! Details and comments at
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Books on Spain and extracts from Errant in Iberia, a book about my first three years in Spain. See for details and to comment.
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An evening eating in the mouth-watering pintxo bars in San Sebastian, one of my favourite cities in Spain. See for details and to comment.
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Wonderful sound-seeing edition from a Basque Gastronomic Society in Zarautz. See for full details.
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Flamenco at La Solea in Madrid. For details and to comment please visit
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Notes from the Island of Formentera - lazy days... see for details and for photos.
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In Spanish for once - back to English next week! See for full details...
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Show notes:
  • It doesn't rain in Spain
  • Road deaths and lawless Spain
  • Drinking
  • National pride
  • Food and holidays
see for more...
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A trip on one of Madrid's most curious attractions. See for more details.
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A postcard from Gandia - see for full details
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A postcard from Cordoba - see for full details and show notes.
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Learning Spanish and Working in Spain - Go for it! See for full details and shownotes.
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Notes from Spain 7 - The Retrio Park Madrid's Retiro Park - See for shownotes and details.
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Notes from Spain Podcast no. 6 - See for more details and show notes
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Podcast - 31st May 2005 ! It's another Notes from Spain podcast! First part of a series on living in Spain. Where to Live and work in Spain - show notes:
  • San Sebastian and the North Coast
  • Madrid - a word of warning!
  • Valencia - Las Fallas!
  • Barcelona
  • Costa Blanca, Costa del Sol, Malaga
  • Cadiz and the Costa de la Luz
  • Seville
  • Cordoba
  • Granada and the Alpujarras - the best of Spain?
  • Where not to live in Spain...
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Another Terraza cast.... see for details!
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Notes from Spain - A sound seeing tour - on the Madrid metro, football in 'the green bar', and prostitutes on the Calle Montera.
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Notes from Spain Podcast no. 5 See for more details and show notes
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